Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Roll-On, Deep Relief, Roll-On

A few weeks ago I was fighting a cold. You know the kind: you wake up in the morning with a dry throat and spend the day hoping it doesn't turn into anything, only to learn by the end of the day that all that hoping would have been better spent on world peace.

This time, something as simple as a dry throat became so much more as it clogged the sinuses and created the sensation of an elephant sitting on my face, an elephant that starts kicking and stomping every time I attempt to bend over.

The problem with my colds is that it doesn't end there, my colds always travel to my weakest area - my ears.

I proceeded with my usual cold treatment of drinking extra water, Eucalyptus Globulus slathered over my neck and throat, and wish for more sleep. Oh, and maybe some cursing towards modern medicine for not figuring out how to actually cure the common cold.

Then I got my monthly Young Living order and even though I'd forgotten what new thing I'd decided to try, I was excited to see one of their new roll-on essentials oils blends - Deep Relief. It's actually formulated specifically to help with muscle relief because of the essential oil combination it contains (including peppermint, balsam fir, wintergreen and more); but, I figured it couldn't  hurt to put it on my neck along the area of Eustachian tubes in hopes things would start draining better than it had in a few days.

Immediately, I felt my congestion loosen and the pressure in my face relieve a little bit.

I can't say that it made my cold go by faster, but I can definately guarantee that it made it a little more bearable. And, it was nice taking off the cap and actually just rolling the oil onto my neck without having to worry about what might still linger on my hands after each time I used it.

Along with the cold symptom relief, it's also come in pretty handy warding off possible tension headaches after a long day of massaging.

It's safe to say it's another oil I'll make sure I never run out of.

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