Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring and Growth

Spring Equinox has occurred and now everyone in the area is awaiting to actually see spring happen. You know the usual signs:  Blossoms; changes; growth.

And we at Reconnecting are hoping for the same, only it might be closer to summer before some of these growth changes occur.

Right now both Donna and Mandy are working on becoming Yoga Instructors, including eventual accreditation through the Yoga Alliance. If all goes according to plan Reconnecting should be offering Yoga classes by summertime. We're very excited about this growth and can't wait until we can add it to the Menu.

photo provided by ABMP
We're also adding a Cocoa-coffee scrub to the menu for a little spring detox and refresher. Call for more details or to schedule an appointment.

Also, we are now offering an on-site scheduling system that stays current, although it only offers opening 24 hours or more out; this is to prevent a sudden last minute bookings in case we're not readily available so if you want same day or even next day bookings we ask that you call. It's also best to call if the time you desire  isn't available in case there's a last minute change or even to be put on a calling list. That being said, the great thing about this is not just the scheduling but also it has automated reminder emails which will cut down wondering when you're next appointment is. It's not required, though, and can be shut off if desired. Feel free to check it out and even pass the URL address to friends who may have questions about us.

And finally, Mother's Day is coming up and our Super Deluxe will be featured and at a discount the few weeks before and after Mother's Day for those who want to come in for a pampering with or just schedule some pampering for a Mom in their life. We also sell gift certificates, in any dollar amount to be used towards any service the receiver wants to schedule.

In the Spirit of Reconnecting,

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