Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yoga Graduation

It was a semi-long journey with a lot of time and energy spent on looking deep within ourselves, learning, and growing. I say long journey because we know we are not the same as we were when we began the course; I say semi because it only took several months.

Through the course we learned not only meditation and how to look deep within for personal growth and reaching a place of Inner Peace, but we also learned a little history of Yoga, basis, beliefs, as well as poses for all levels of Yogis. We also managed to increase our personal level of yoga practice before the course concluded.

Friday found us at our Yogi, Edith's house for a celebration that included delicious food as we enjoyed each other's company, our presenting a picture we created that represented our personal journey, and finally with Edith presenting our grades, Spiritual Yogi names, and diplomas.

Now we can continue to grow within as maintain our own yoga practice as well as help those who would like to learn, begin practicing, or enhance their own personal practice.

To learn ore about Reconnecting's Yoga classes please contact us at 814-226-5151 or schedule online.


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